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Read this Before Doing Drugs



Read this Before Doing Drugs

by Kevin Caruso

Drugs can kill you.

And if they do not kill you, they will destroy your mind…and your life.

Do you really need any other reasons than the ones given above to realize how stupid and dangerous is to do drugs?

Well, if you need another reason, check this out: You WILL go to prison sooner or later.

And after you do your time, you will be released…and you WILL have a messed up head, a destroyed life; and don’t forget -- you will be an ex-con

Okay, after you get out of prison with a half-destroyed mind, severe clinical depression, and a prison record, try to get a job.

Wait, that old drug habit is coming back hard now. You were in prison a long time and you need a fix.

Go on…mess your life up some more.

Forget about the job…you need money now. How about robbing a store?

Sound far fetched. Think again. This scenario plays itself out over and over throughout the country EVERY DAY.

Look, don’t destroy your life with stupid decisions. (And DECIDING to take drugs is a VERY stupid decision).

Be proactive, establish a strong mindset against drugs

You MUST make this commitment with me now:

Never Do Drugs.

Okay, make the commitment. Promise YOURSELF and your loved ones that you will NOT be a stupid, irresponsible idiot and take drugs.

This is for you, not me. So DO IT NOW.

Get this in your head:

Never Do Drugs.

Never Do Drugs.

Never Do Drugs.


Now don’t ever forget the commitment you just made to yourself.

Okay, what else could be a problem for you?

Peer pressure.

Do you need to try to be “cool?”

Yeah, right.

Do you think you need to “fit in” by taking drugs?

Well, if you want to fit in with a bunch of stupid, irresponsible idiots who are taking drugs, that would make YOU a stupid, irresponsible idiot.

But that IS NOT what you are.

You are a tremendously intelligent, talented, caring person.

Okay, now you know peer pressure is no excuse.

So what do you do if you are with some "friends" and some drugs are put on the table?

You walk out. You leave.

You don’t need to give an excuse.

And you break your association with the idiots who offered you the drugs. And keep this in mind: People who offer you drugs are not your friends.

Okay, another problem.

You may feel horrible and want to use drugs to escape. So, is taking drugs the answer?

Well, ask yoiurself this: How istaking drugs is going to improve your situation?

The drugs will mess your life up even more.

So where was the escape?

You cannot escape…you need to cope; and drugs do not help you cope.

So if you are depressed, lonely, frustrated, anxious, or overwhelmed in any way, you need to reach out for help, not for drugs.

Talk with friends. Get into therapy. Get the help you need.

Okay, let’s look at another scenario. One day you want to try drugs just to “experience” the drugs. You want to experiment. You want to know first hand what it is like.

Well, my friend, that is like saying you are going to drive a car 125 miles an hour into a brick wall for the “experience.” Yes, you want to know what it “feels” like.

Very stupid.

Very dangerous.

Okay, let’s keep talking. Maybe you want to try some prescription drugs or over-the-counter drugs to get high. After all, they are accessible, and legal.

But we are not just talking about what is legal, we are talking about what is right, what is healthy, and what is best for you.

There are many people who have ruined their lives or overdosed with "legal" drugs.

Just because you can legally get your hands on drugs does not mean that you should.

Taking prescription or over-the-counter drugs to get high is idiotic. Period.

Look, if you are thinking about taking drugs you have some problems that you are burying and need to bring them out in the open.

Get into therapy. Open up.

Work through your issues.

People do not do drugs because they are happy; they do them because they are in pain, because they are having difficulties coping, because they need help.

So when you need help, reach out for it – and not for a drug.

Never Do Drugs.

You MUST make that commitment to yourself.

And if you have ever taken drugs, then you make the commitment from here on out.

Never Do Drugs.

Never Do Drugs.

Never Do Drugs.

Reach out for help when you need it.

Be smart.

Be safe.

And ENJOY your drug free life.

God bless you.

Take care,

Kevin Caruso
Founder, Executive Director, Editor-in-Chief
(Never Do is a website.)

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