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Welcome to Never do

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Never Do Drugs…

Embed those three words in your mind forever.

And never means never.

Drugs are only to be used for medicinal purposes, not recreational purposes.

Drugs destroy lives.

But the allure of drugs still ensnares innumerable people who should know better.

So if you are taking drugs now, get help. Things can get better for you, but only with help. If you need to go to rehab, go. Get into therapy and join a support group. But things will not get better by themselves, you need to take action.

For anyone contemplating taking drugs, you are playing with dynamite. Don’t even think about taking drugs. You can destroy your health and your life.

Taking drugs is VERY stupid….and you DO know better.

And don’t just think of drugs as something that you buy from some pusher on the corner. Prescription and over-the-counter drugs can be abused to.

Again, drugs are for medicinal purposes only. Whenever they are not used for medicinal purposes, you are abusing drugs.

And when you take a drug to get high, you are engaging in a reckless and dangerous activity that could cost you your life.

Remember: Never Do Drugs.

And yes, it IS that simple. You make your mind up to not do drugs NO MATTER WHAT. You make A COMMITMENT to yourself and your loved ones that you will not do drugs.

Then you never do them.

Now, move on to the next page, my friend.

Take care,

Kevin Caruso
Founder, Executive Director, Editor-in-Chief
(Never Do is a website.)

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